28-Day Handstand Challenge Testimonials

“I love you Chris Salvato!

Really. Your “5 minutes” idea has changed my life…. But first my update on handstands…

I have been spending five minutes every day (occasionally in my mind only, if I have been in a plane or working until late) working on my handstand.

I started slow because I had to develop some strength in my wrists before I started loading the weight on… But slowly that flexibility and strength came.

Then I moved onto wall presses – as you recommended – and I happily (feeling safe) allowed myself to play with the idea of being upside down and loading my weight onto my wrists and arms.

It was actually fun… And at 5 minutes it was so easy to achieve. I did loos some points with my other half when I left foot prints on the wall on afternoon… Lol.

I am now confidently kicking over with the wall behind me… And I now really can feel that balance point… That magic little nook where I am aligned and balancing myself… It is so exciting right now because I know that I am really only days away from the goal…. Maybe weeks but I am so much closer thanks to your kind gentle and supportive help.

You can bank on getting a freestanding upside down photo really soon.

But wait the five minute idea has gone viral in my house… Five minutes on this and that has moved so many nothing’s forward it’s almost unbelievable. I have even got my partner going on it… No big mission to get something done, just give it five minutes and you are five minutes further forward than you were. I use it in the office with my team, I use it for study, I use the
5-minute idea for everything.

So thank you Chris, for your care, for you decision to create the 28-day challenge, and for actually fowling up with those who start.” – Leon S.

“Being new to handstands, I’ve read a lot of stuff. And I was really stuck, just stuck on the wall. And most of the courses I’ve seen just increased more and more time on the wall, in different ways, and a straighter line. Always a straighter line. And while that’s valuable, I think, it definitely had me feeling really stuck. It felt like it was actually keeping me from progressing towards a freestanding handstand.

When I got the 15 second handstand, I knew I was already past parts 1 and 2. The 3rd part about how to pirouette bail made a bigger difference for me in my handstand journey than anything else, from any other product I’ve read. One day I was stuck to the wall, the next day I was safely practicing bailing.

It’s hard to put in to words how differently The 15 Second Handstand was written. Before reading the 15 second handstand, I knew that I would need to learn how to bail, but it always seemed really scary and far away. The way the pirouette bail was taught in the 15 second handstand made it seem safe and doable. I was practicing (badly!) that day, but it still felt safe.

It’s been two weeks and now I feel really comfortable with my bail. Being able to bail has made my handstand training 1000 times more fun. I can actually practice whatever I want. It’s no longer scary to be upside down or to try and balance.

I just want to say thanks Chris, for writing the book that had exactly what I needed to take my next step in handstand training, and I look forward to completing the program!”
—Josh Hillis – Head Coach at PowerHour Elite Performance

I bought the book and am very happy with it. After more or less 3 months I recorded my first 20+ seconds handstand (with 5 min training per day). The book gives you a clear progression and helped me to overcome the fear of falling over. When I bought it, Chris offered free email coaching with it, which was extremely helpful!

—/u/Pregrl on reddit

“It worked! I’ve attached a video of a 15-second handstand. This isn’t the first time I’ve held a 15-second handstand, but I’m just now starting to hold one consistently. I made four handstand attempts today. One was a bad kickup. I came right down. The other three were all over fifteen seconds. Thank you for putting together the program that helped me get to this point. As you can see in the video, I have some work to do (opening up the shoulders, mainly), but I’m happy with where I am.” – Patrick O.

“I have used your book and videos religiously.  I am about 30 days into the process and have only taken a few days off due to sore shoulders.  I currently can hold the hands stand from 2-5 seconds facing away from the wall.  I can hold it for 1-2 seconds free standing.  Thanks to your book I am confident that I am progressing at good rate and I am confident that within in month or so I will be getting close to 15 seconds.  I can’t wait.  It is exciting and addictive.  I have done a lot of research on you tube and google, and your explanations and instruction are far superior than what is out there.  Thanks for your help.” -Michael M.

“Hey Chris, just wanted to drop you an email. I’ve been practicing freestanding handstands since I started the 28-Day Handstand Challenge about 6 weeks ago. There were flashes of being close, and some decent holds. But yesterday, oh man. I kicked up, and everything clicked! My feet went to the right placed, my shoulders were engaged, I had control with my cambered technique – I felt like I could hang out there all day! I got a solid 10 seconds nearly still the whole time, and it was one of the coolest feelings I have ever had. So thank you again for the course. It really did give me the mental confidence and motivation to practice this skill. If you had told me a year ago I would be excited to wake up and practice this stuff for 5-10 minutes every day, I would have laughed at you. But you said it correctly – you really get addicted to throwing up handstands! All the best, looking forward to whatever you come out with next!” – Greg V.

“I tried my first handstand outside today, and was ecstatic with the result. On the wall I could only kick off and balance myself for a few seconds. Getting outside I could get anywhere from 8 – 20 seconds. Here’s a video from me today: http://youtu.be/l3JL7vUtkek I will be doing my 5 minutes per day outside from now on.”-Reddit User /u/antap from this reddit thread.
“No one else I looked at gave me any tips that gave me any confidence in their product…not even GB.  I know he is a national coach, but sometimes these types are so focussed on producing perfection that they lose people who just want to have ‘enough’ skill.  Hell, probably only 1 in 1000 people can even do a HS in any given age group, so ANYTHING looks impressive to them, even if not picture-perfect Olympian quality. Anyway, I salute your approach, it gave me confidence in your ability to coach and I am sure it will do the same for others.  The least I can do for you at this point is let you use my testimonial to promote your product.  ”  – Don M.
“I already had some experience so I felt like the specific 28 day program might be a bit too slow for me, but this challenge did inspire me to start doing handstands. Just that little push has been a hugely helpful and inspirational thing for me! I decided that I wanted to learn more than just one skill, so I picked up and taught myself to juggle as well. I’ve been using handstands as a big part of my exercise routine and after about a month of practice I’m able to handstand for at least 30 seconds pretty regularly. I’ve noticed a marked increase in my upper body’s physique, I’ve been spending more time outside, and have even gotten one of my housemates to join me. Thanks so much for making your original post, you’ve done me a world of good.” -Reddit User /u/fallore
“Listen to this man. I’m doing his 28-day handstand challenge, and while my form isn’t perfect , I’m still making progress. I used to think that form was everything when it came to handstands, and this thought was confirmed from everyone on the internet; however, the only thing that matters is that you progress.” -Reddit User /u/revolutionary_1
“I just started the program – on Day 3 – and I’m surprised by the fact that I can already hold myself up there for almost the full minute without a break! I never thought to walk up the wall backwards so thanks for posting that tip with your original 28-day program.” -Reddit User /u/porkburp
“Yep did my 10 minutes a day, and finished my first 28 days yesterday. I saw a lot of improvement. Still struggling to find my balance though. Thinking I’m gonna try to go another 28 days. I really want to be able to do a free standing handstand.” -Reddit User /u/JizzPocket
“Signed up for the course out of sheer curiosity and ended up doing 1 min 10 sec hold [against the wall] right of the bat.” – Reddit User /u/elfenlied
” I can clearly state, that you got me upside down, for the first time in many many years :)” -Reddit User /u/hexlibris
” Been doing the program and can hold for 2.5 mins against the wall, and did count of 10 (not seconds) free standing (not against the wall in any way) today..” -Reddit User /u/hefoxed
“An awesome program to follow and go along SL5x5.” -Reddit User /u/olbapazem
“I’ve been working on handstands against the wall almost every day”-Reddit User /u/zloty
“It’s like you read my mind, ignored all the horrible things and then brought me exactly what I need.”-Reddit User /u/peabish
“Haven’t really been following the program other than the idea to do it every day. I can kick up into about a 5-10 second free handstand now though.” – Alex M. (Reddit User /u/mathmauney )
“”Still going strong, I’m on day 33. I am determined to nail this.” -Reddit User /u/JizzPocket
“5*1mins, 8-10 seconds free hand-stands, 175# 6ft. The honus is due to personal will or want but accountability is due to the spreadsheet and wanting to earn my ‘check mark for the day’ akin to the ‘gold star for the day.’ An acute awareness of micro-fibers in my back and shoulders is the payoff. I added a day to the table for every rest day taken in the 28day cycle. Approximately 5 days to go to complete the full ’28’ days. These I refer to as the ‘first’ 28 days though as this is now going to be a regular part of my bodyweight fitness regimen.” – Steve M. (Reddit User /u/mainiam)
“I’m very pleased with the results I’ve been able to achieve. When I started the challenge I could hold a stomach-to-wall handstand for 60s, and I began working on frogstands till I could hold them for 30s. Now I can set up and come off the wall for between 5 and 10 seconds. I also began practicing kicking up into a back-to-wall handstand, and can come off the wall to find my balance from that position too. Now I’m trying to kick up into freestanding handstands but I still need to work on catching it at the right point. Anyways, thanks for inviting everyone to take the challenge because it’s definitely helped me to make what I feel are great strides in my handstand progress!” -Reddit User /u/TallTallTruffula
“Hey, I’m making some good progress (good for me at least!). I started when the challenge started, but I only practice on my workout days, 3 times a week, instead of daily. Right now I learned the pirouette, I’m getting better at it, and it lets me come closer to the wall without being that afraid. I’m about 20cm from the wall, and I hold about 60s. The first few weeks were the hardest. I could only hold 20s, and about 50cm from the wall. It took some time to be able to hold 60s. Now I just have to come closer to the wall little by little. Which I was very afraid of until I practiced the pirouette a bit” -Reddit User /u/skedar_leaf
“I vastly improved my handstands within a week or a little longer. I went from not doing handstands at all to being able to hold around a 7 sec freestanding handstand.” -Reddit User /u/throwOutName101
“Wall free handstand for 5 seconds!” -Reddit User /u/passingbylikeatree
“This 45 year old is holding a wall facing handstand for 25-30 seconds in 2 days! Thanks for this. Biggest strength involvement is hand walking closer to the wall while moving feet up! I am taking the 28 day challenge!” – Scot
“I’m really glad I ended up taking part in this, only missed 1 day in the last 28. I started off being able to hold a handstand against the wall for like 30 seconds on day 1 and have now improved to being able to hold it for 2 minutes and I have added handstand pushups against the wall to my push day workout.” – Anthony R.
“[As a result of the challenge,] I’m now working on: 1)  freestanding handstands.  I’m staying up 1-2 secs. 2)  my kickup (trying to get more consistent) so I don’t have to bail so much. 3)  stiff arms/hands turned slightly out/elbow pits forward//stiff body/point toes.  This seems like alot, but at least I know what to do. 4)  staying up in the handstand longer.” – AJ
“Hi! I am no longer afraid to kick up and do a handstand on the wall! The other day I held a handstand for a few seconds without a wall!” – Brazil R.
“I can do 40 sec to a minute with my hands about 8-12 in from the wall.  It starting to get a little scary as I lamely attempt to do free standing.  And I think panicy so I’m not pulling up the intestinal fortitude to kick far enough away, or I kick to far.  But either way it is a lot of fun!  I’ve also been bad about doing it everyday.  But I’m making a conscious effort to put it before my workout in the place for skill work.” -Rich B.
“Progress is slow. I have a sciatic issue on my right side caused by bulging discs in the L1 to L5 region that is in the process of healing (very close now though!). It makes it difficult to maintain proper form when holding for a minute. I am persevering and it is getting better” – Jay
“I’m up to a 50 second [wall] handstand, but I’m about 12 inches from the wall. Trying to move closer.” – Jose
“Now I’m able to hold 40″ free!! Thanks!” – Marcelo
“The eBook is – in my opinion – definitely worthwhile. It’s hard to find a systematic approach like this, because a lot of authors describe kicking into handstand like something natural and don’t write about the mental aspect of this stunt. I was ready to buy your book, but first I read your article about the pirouette ball. I tried to learn it with help from my mother who was sport teacher and then… I achieved it. In spite of not purchasing your book, the article and your advise were very, very helpful. Now it comes natural to me – even if my form is not perfect – and, as you said, my fear was the most important factor. I’ve read your story – my was similar – a decision to change something, going to martial art section, than bodyweight training. So once again – thanks a lot!” – Maximilian K.
“Your challenge was one of the keys to my success. I went from pre-pneumonia being unable to invert at all, due to a lack of strength and way too much fear, to after pneumonia and your challenge being able to do a 90 second wall handstand, and a 30 second one arm wall handstand. As soon as I have a few extra bucks, I plan to purchase your 15 Second Handstand program and go for my first ever freestanding handstand.” – Alex J.
“I am on the second week of your challenge and just accomplished my first forearm handstand. I am really excited with the progress I’ve made and wanted to share the good news with someone.” – Ally F., after one week
“The first day I managed to just do the wall plank 60 seconds; from there I’ve progressed to an “almost-wall” -handstand (I measured it, hands about 35 – 40cm from wall) for 30 seconds [in just a week]. Today was actually the first day I had to do the 5 min training by visualization because of muscles aching… But it feels great.” – Neko P., after one week
“I actually just yesterday tried a little too hard and fell over, and… It was an epiphany, actually. I got it that when practising bails I always forgot to unbalance myself first and it didn’t become a reflex for when I actually became unbalaced. Second, I learned that falling on my back doesn’t even hurt. I actually instinctively bailed with an ukemi, and rolled pretty well to safety. No wonder, I’ve been doing martial arts for 11 years and at least weekly practised rolling, so… A safety net was already there. I’m aspiring to learn the pirouette bail as well as it takes up much less space to perform than a full rolling movement. No fear of falling anymore whatsoever. I’m gald that I pushed a bit and fell once, as now I can proceed to learn the pirouette somewhat assured of safety.” – Neko P., after two weeks
“I have made HUGE improvements since I began my practice. I used to be really afraid of falling on my back when I started, and I wasn’t even doing a wall handstand. I’m still working on the pirouette bail but now I can be fully inverted and have absolutely no doubt or fear. By the way, I’m on my second week of training.” – Ricardo N., after one week
“After conquering some of my ‘fall on my face’ fears, I’m now able to comfortably hold a wall handstand with my feet about 4 feet up for about 30 seconds. Gradually, I can place my hands closer to the wall, but only slowly as both fear and exploding head syndrome increase. But, thanks to your approach, I feel I’m progressing. And, it is fun! I aim to be able to do the full wall handstand in two weeks time, and then move onwards to the bailing out technique you described.” – Arjen L., after one week
“I’m really happy. My balance improved at once and also got one step further in my HEADstand progression. Tomorrow I will go on working on my handstand in my lunch break.” – Philipp D.
“Thank you very much for your inspirational 28 Day Challenge!  The DAILY practice seems to work wonders.  I have a few other things I will probably try doing a 28-day challenge on to see if it works for them, too.” – Shelomo, after one week
“I have been focusing on the cambered hand technique, and that made quite a difference in my balance. I really like your point about online tip & trick hunting as a way of masking fears. That was motivational and I will be sure to get outside and practicing.” – Nico R., after one week
“Thanks for sending this! I’ve always wanted to do a handstand, and I’m making significant progress! It’s very exciting to hold longer and longer and get close to the wall. Looking forward to each new step! Thanks again” – Daniel S., after one week
“I’ve made a lot of progress.” – Arielle B., after one week
“I just wanted to let you know I am making extreme progress on my handstands so far.” – Josh W.
“Since I have started last week I have missed 2 days but there is progress. I went from being against the wall for 45 seconds for a rep to 45 seconds a few reps. Also, I am getting closer to the wall. I am nearly a foot from the wall. I noticed that I do feel fear but it is a rush and that is what is driving me. A few times I have gotten 6″ from the wall for a few seconds. I cannot wait to get completely vertical. This program is great and I plan to see this through.” – Daniel H., after one week
“I’m starting to get consistent with starting the handstand, whereas before I would either overcommit or not commit enough to throwing my feet above me. And I am starting to feel more control in my fingers.” – Aaron W., after one week
“Progress is steady, and I hope to do even more next week!” – Kevin G., after one week
“Have gone from 10 secs to 25 secs in the wall plank, so making progress.”  – Tracey R., after one week
“I can hold the 60 secs handstand, I can do the bail, at least it seems like it !” – Amaury E., after one week
“I’m really enjoying the process though and I think you’ve got a great system, thanks for putting it out there so everyone can try it.” – Andy I.
“This has been an awesome series.” – Josh T.
“I have made HUGE improvements since I began my practice. I used to be really afraid of falling on my back when I started, and I wasn’t even doing a wall handstand.” – Ricardo N.
“I”m 63 years young and over the past week I have worked up to 2 15 second handstands and 1 30 second handstand.” – Anne W.
“Getting your guide was a real eye opener for me! Working on tiny, miniscule, baby steps, every single day, has kept me going far longer than any exercise program ever has before. I do it against my door, since every wall in my room either has furniture or something hanging off of it. I’ve marked the floor with tape, at 1 foot, 1.5 feet, 2 feet, and 3 feet. Each time, I start the timer at 3 feet, and slowly walk my hands back until I feel comfortable. At this point in time, I am ok getting to 1.5 feet from the wall! Anyways, I’m only two weeks in, but enjoying myself immensely. It’s a quick, fun way to strengthen my upper body and build towards something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. I’m not someone who enjoys “working out”, and I prefer to stay fit by doing things I find fun! My dream is to be able to do a full handstand! ” – Tracy Q., after 1 week
“I think I’m going at a good rhythm with my progress, when I started my maximum was 30 seconds on wall plank, now I am 5 seconds away from a complete minute on a wall handstand.” – Paulo D., after 1 week
“It’s going good, getting closer to the wall :)” – Amber W.
“Handstand training is going very well. My roommate and i have put markings on a calendar every day to keep training. We are progressing slowly but surely, no major fears or roadblocks yet. We both have been able to attain the wall handstand, if only for a handful of seconds at a time. This is lots of fun. Thanks for the challenge!” – Aaron T., after 1 week
“Thanks to your approach, I feel I’m progressing. And, it is fun! I aim to be able to do the full wall handstand in two weeks time, and then move onwards to the bailing out technique you described. So, thanks very much for helping out.” – Arjen L., after 1 week.
“Getting up that wall (higher wall planks each time)” – Chris B.

“I’ve been doing practice every day (except yesterday). Today I walked my hands really close to the wall and was surprised at how good it felt. I have a little time to go before I can hold 60 seconds.” – Doug W., after 1 week
“I can now kick up into a handstand against a wall and hold it for 45 sec. Doing a kick up for the first time was great motivation to keep going. It was almost easier then I thought it would be. ” – Scott, after 1 week
“I have been keeping track of my distance from the wall, and that has really shown my improvement. I went from holding a wall plank for 20sec at 4ft from the wall, to holding the position for 45sec about 20in from the wall! I am close to being able to try part 2 of your challenge, and although my progress was slower than I intended, I am just happy that I have been dedicated to something for so long.” – Taylor W.
“I’m now just over 2 weeks in (halfway!), only missed about 3 or 4 days in total and I’ve gone from struggling to hold a 60s plank and my head feeling like it was going to explode to doing a 60s wall plank with my hands 27″ from the wall!” – James S.
“I am really happy with my progress so far, yesterday I kicked up and held a handstand for 14 seconds which is my best so far. I am proud of that but I am just as proud that I have managed to do my 5 mins practice every single day since I started I am now up to 20 days. Committing to something feels like as much of an achievement as the handstands!” – Hazel B.
“I’m currently still working on goal number 1 (inverted wall plank 60 seconds) but I’m having a great time! I don’t know what’s so different about this process than everything else I’ve ever tried and failed at, but whatever it is, it’s awesome!” – Jackie W.
“The biggest physical benefit for me has been reduced back pain from muscle tension. I’m a code monkey, so weird hours hunched over a keyboard warmed by the blue glow of an LCD screen…not so great with the neck and shoulders. I’ve had a significant reduction in knots and tension. S.I.G.N.I.F.I.C.A.N.T. Which probably has to do with the fact that I’m actually using those muscles constructively for the first time since…well, ever. If I never ever do a full handstand and this is the only benefit I glean from this practice for the rest of my life…I’m pretty damned content with that.” – Mica B.
“So I had a cold and then more of the cold and I got interrupted due to kid sickness and then hubby sickness ..  but I’m definitely closer because every day that I DID  feel good i continued to practice my handstand. I was goofing around in the raquetball room two days ago with my 6 year old who is taking gymnastics and did a regular kick up to the wall and to my shock i was balancing!  so i turned around and sure enough i am way closer to the wall than when i started and my arms didn’t collapse in a full kick up to the wall as they used to. I have a friend from work who I got working on it too which helps because he always asks how my handstand is going so i have to keep at it :)” – Christine M.
“Chris, thanks for the handstand challenge. Yesterday at the park, I tried my luck at some handstands. Up until yesterday, I was always wobbling or overshooting. I finally got a nice, 8-10 seconds where I was doing a nice handstand. It felt awesome. I feel like I’m becoming more confident and capable with my body everyday. Thanks for your help!” – Tyler J.
“I’m proud of myself! I have only been doing this for a little over a week and I feel like I have made more progress toward free-standing than I have in months trying to do it on my own!” – Meww G.
“So, today I kicked up into a freestanding handstand, and held it for about four seconds. 🙂 I’ve been training it a lot, and I’m still working on balancing and kicking up into that balance, but the pirouette bail really helped give me confidence!!! Thanks! I can’t wait until I can hold it for much longer.” – Corena G.
“Today i was able to kick up into a handstand (with the wall as support). But I have never even able to do that before! Still can’t believe am doing it! Thanks a lots! Your guide was the best one I’ve ever found!” – Noel D.
“I commenced a week ago and have been doing the 5 minute challenge. My 3 kids are all doing it with me 6, 7 and 11.  It’s been great practising together and we usually end up doing a few free standing handstands after the 5 minute challenge. We are aiming for a 30 second free standing handstand by Christmas so we can do a family display.” – Peter S.
“I can now kick up and hold a handstand against a wall for 60 seconds.  I can tap off and hold for 2-4 seconds but keep falling. I know I’ll get there soon” – Andrew J.
“Soooooo, tha day has come! I did my very firs freestanding handstand yesterday!

I was feeling comroftable with wall handstands, so I thought I’d give it a try, and lo and behold! I was suddenly upside down, a few inches from the wall, balancing my body on my hands!! Wow. Thank you so much for this challenge, I am really grateful to have found out about your site.” – Anita S.

“The progress I made wasn’t physical ,as I already had the strength to maintain a handstand ,but psychological.As I told myself “Come on,it’s just a wall,it’s not like it’s not going to catch you when you fall” I was able to kick-up in my handstand ,thus now I can maintain a free 5 second handstand,although I need to be watching my balance.” – Matei B.

“Just finished the 28 challenge and can hold a HS inconsistently for about 5 sec. I’m hooked!  Looking forward to reaching the next level from your course.” – Jack Y.

Hey Chris, thanks for your help!

I completed the 28 day challenge and I have come a long way from the beginning. At the start I was too afraid to kick up with my back against the wall. I started in the push up position and walked up the wall at progressively steeper angles. Finally I got the courage to try to kick up. I wasn’t very graceful at first buy I’ve gotten more comfortable with it and from my video progress I can see I’m a bit more graceful. Although my heart still races each time before I kick up!

I still have a lot of work to do though. I can’t balance very well once I’m up without using the wall and I’m not comfortable enough to try it without the wall yet. I’m quite satisfied with my progress so far though and I will keep working towards a freestanding handstand. – Celeste D.