28-Day Handstand Challenge – How to Do a Handstand

What do you immediately think when you see someone in a handstand?

“Wow, what control!”
“I wish I could do that.”
“What a display of strength and finesse.”
“That looks really cool.”

Some of us get tired of admiring others.  We want to do awesome things, too. We want to stand on our hands.  We want to be impressive and amazing.

It’s not all about being amazing, though.  Learning how to handstand is like buying yourself an amazing piece of home gym equipment and putting it in your pocket.  It’s like the smart phone of fitness – utility, fun and portable.

In fact, if you want to have a solid foundation in advanced bodyweight fitness skills – the kind of gymnastics feats that let you have an awesome workout anywhere – then learning how to do a handstand is absolutely crucial.

But, even though it’s so useful, impressive and fun, so few people start down the road, so few people start to learn how do a handstand…even when they really want to.  But why?

Learning how to do a handstand as an adult is really challenging. 

Sure, if you google “handstand tutorials” or “how to do a handstand” you will get a laundry list of links each toting a different methods on how to learn to handstand. Do all of these tips and tricks help you though?

No, because you need more than tips and tricks.

See, the handstand (and most other advanced gymnastics feats) require a significant amount of skill, just like playing the piano. And to get better at any skill you need to do two things and only two things: Conquer Fear and Practice Consistently.

You just need a system to do those two things really well.


The 28-Day Handstand Challenge systematically tackles these two things: fear and building the habit.  It has helped thousands of people make significant progress on learning how to do a handstand and achieving their first handstand hold.

The 28-Day Handstand Challenge is effective because it focuses on the psychology of getting into the habit of handstand training.  See, since learning how to do a handstand is a skill (like learning the piano), the most important thing is to practice frequently.

To put it simply, when you take the 28-Day Handstand Challenge you are challenging yourself to train handstands for 5 minutes a day, every day, for 28 days.

If you can’t train one day, you can sit somewhere quiet (like the bathroom at work, or your bedroom) and visualize good handstand form for 5 minutes. This helps to keep the streak going for the full 28 days, and it will even help with your handstand performance.  (And yes, science backs this up.)

The end goal is is to make significant progress, and to build an addiction to handstand training. You want to make handstands a part of your lifestyle.


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